BragBook uses the Folksnomy technique and therefore has got the Brands and FreeLancers on board. If a brand is up for a collab, they could directly approach you via the application’s ChatBox feature. On the contrary, if you as an influencer wish to avail services (eg. Hair, Makeup, Content writing, Photographer, etc) of a freelancer you could directly contact them through the same ChatBox feature on our application.

Freelancers with the immense talent that they possess could widen their horizons by registering themselves on BragBook. You have your doors open to influencers and general users on your fingertips. You score brownie points if your work gets recognized by an influencer.

Our not so general BragBook users with special needs could sort them out by selecting the services they need and approaching FreeLancers to get their work done at nominal rates

Since BragBook has blurred out the lines, brands no longer have to approach a third party for a collab with influencers. You can simply opt for a subscription plan as mentioned below and use the ChatBox feature on the application and directly communicate the terms of service. NOTE: BragBook does have a record of the communication and terms of service exchanged between the two parties to ensure credibility.

Subscription Plans are as follows:

  • 1) Followers up to 5000- FREE!!.

Above 5000 Followers:

  • 2) Monthly Subscription (30 Days) - Rs 299/- only
  • 3) Quarterly Subscription(90 Days)- Rs 799/- only
  • 4) Annual Subscription (365 Days)- Rs 2999/- only

BragBook does not interfere in the Terms of Service between the Influencer and the Brand. It is totally up to the parties involved to define their Terms of Service.

Yes! Like mentioned earlier that the terms of service are essentially between the parties involved, however, BragBook holds a right to record the communication between the parties. We efficiently use the ChatBox to ensure that everything is written and recorded. In case a party fails to pay the dues as per the promised date, all you have to do is keep a copy of the Chat as proof and BragBook shall accordingly take remedial steps to ensure the release of payment. Note: While BragBook does take responsibility for the communication through our ChatBox, we shall not be held liable in- case of any communication otherwise.